Welcome to Mystery Lab


Do you want to stand out on your birthday?

So as a team leader you have to choose where you and your friends will star! In a hatch? Looking for what happened to the captain and his crew on a ship? Searching to find the secrets that hide in Mystery Island?

Do you want to be the only detectives to catch the evil scientist in an unsolved mystery? Or would you like to be the first British scientist to save the world by deciphering the Enigma machine? So you will find all this in the cinematic spaces of Mystery Lab with well-trained staff, as well as actors who will be present throughout the party !

Email us at info@mysterylab.gr or call us at 6989424973

To hold the party you have dreamed of!!

Knowing the importance of this day is for you, we organize it in such a way that every child can live an unforgettable and special day.


  • 5 different rooms and the possibility of choosing.
  • Exclusive use of spaces for 3.5 hours or more (depending on the chosen package) without any ousiders.
  • Pizza for children & parents (in collaboration with PIZZA FAN. Check out the chldren’s meal list here, and the parents’ list here).
  • Juice for every child (indivindual).
  • Continuous supervision of children by experienced trained staff (throughout the game).
  • Outdoor and indoor waiting area for parents.
  • After every use, the space is being disinfected with specially certified disinfectants and steam.
  • All measures are carried out in accordance with the instructions of EODY.
  • There is ventilation in all areas.
  • The indoor air conditioning system uses clean outdoor air and not air recirculation.
  • There are permanent systems with antiseptic in all areas of the store.



ΧΧΧ minutes


Contact us for details of the event.