Jeremiah’s Godwine’s letter to Vatican


“Help me. Darkness has taken over my house. A higher powers has imprisoned her soul. There is no peace. Forgive my commotion. Nobody is safe.”

Priest Jeremiah Godwine
Greenvilla, England

Requiem, is an interactive room of psychological charge, duration 120 ′ which develops into an area of 240 sq.m. with live acting.

Mystery Lab suggests:

  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Second pair of shoes.

Not suitable for people:

  • Under 18 years.
  • With heart disease.
  • With respiratory problems.
  • With claustrophobia.
  • With fear of heights.
  • With epilepsy.
  • With panic attacks.

Number of players

2 – 6


120 Minutes


Comfortable clothing

Luquid element

240 s.m.