About the acceptance of GDPR.

1/ At any time, after applying through our contact form, you commit Mystery Lab to completely delete your data from its servers.
2/ Acceptance is required to complete your reservation.
3/ The owners of Mystery Lab as well as the owners of Escape All will have full access to your data, are also responsible for securing them.
4/ Mystery Lab staff have limited accessso that they know the exact number of people and booking time.

Mystery Lab via EscapeAll.gr keeps a record of the cancellations made and may inform partner companies of an increased chance of cancellation based on your history. As far as, information provided in case of simultaneous/ close booking in more than one of the cooperating companies. These updates are useful for improving the services provided and preventing last minute cancellations.

* Attention, the phone number you have stated should be correct as a few hours before the date and time of your booking, an additional telephone confirmation will be asked by the staff of Mystery Lab. Any unconfirmed reservation by phone will be canceled automatically.
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A group of players enters each room. Your team is the lead to the exit, for this reason there must be communication and harmonic cooperation. Only then will you be able to solve the puzzles.
Observation is one of the most important elements. Look everywhere, even where your friends are looking even in empty spaces. Keep your eyes open.
With in 60-70 minutes at your disposal, do not waste time unnecessarily searching. That is why choosing the right team for you is vital!
The more imaginative you are the easier you will find the solution. Nothing is accidentally in the room. Try to combine elements and use them. You can also mention each item your teamates so that they memorize it.
The script is linear. One item leads you to another.
Each team member has different abilities. Take advantage of each player’s unique abilities and achieve your goal.
You should not panic given that you are living a safe adventure at that time, whether this occurs, there is a panic button in all rooms, which allows you to stop playing.

Throughout the game you have a  friend out of the room, the game master who can help you when asked. He is aware of everything and gives accurate instructions. Use this help wisely.
Playing equals to fun. That’s why ought to enjoy yourself!! Be active and help your team find the way out. Teamwork & collaboration are required.

All rooms at Mystery Lab are made by our experienced staff and noone can copy our ideas. All items in the room are part of the game, damage them is forbidden.

The photos on the website mysterylab.gr belong to us and can not be republish them without our permission.
The completion of your data in the contact form and in the reservation form that mysterylab.gr,
complies with our measures for your safety.
There is no risk of them being stolen as we receive them via e-mail and we do not maintain a file of your personal data on our server.

Mystery Lab has every right to contact you to about any issue regarding your reservation in the information given.
In each filled in reservation form, it is confirmed that you consent that we use your e-mail to inform you about (contests, offers, etc.)
Transactions on our website (In the reservation system) are done offline (Upon accessing our site).
Cancellation of a reservation is made by phone, within a fortnight.
In case you have no team. You can call us and we will find one for you. You can not play alone. 2 or 3 people are necessitated so that you can solve the puzzles.